Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame

Cory Ayres

Graduate Student

Cory Ayres is an advanced graduate student in biochemistry at the University of Notre Dame. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia and attended Georgia Southern University where he received a Bachelor’s of Science in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry in 2011. Following his matriculation at the University of Notre Dame, Cory joined the labs of Dr. Brian Baker and Dr. Steve Corcelli. Cory’s research focuses on in silico analysis of T-cell receptors and major histocompatability complexes, both in their ligated and unligated state. Utilizing advanced molecular dynamics simulations, he aims to gain insight to the roles that flexibility and dynamics play in T-cell receptor specificity and cross reactivity. He also exploring the use of computational modeling to design cancer vaccines. Outside of his research, Cory enjoys competitive cycling and is training for a half ironman.