Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame


Principle Investigator, Research Scientists, & Postdocs

Brian Baker

Brian M. Baker, PhD

Principle Investigator


Lance Hellman, PhD

Research Scientist

Graduate Students

Cory Ayres

Cory Ayres

Computational modeling
of T cell receptor

Nishant Singh

Nishant K. Singh

Structure guided
design of
T cell receptors

yuan wang

Yuan Wang

structures of allospecific
TCRs and their ligands


Timothy P. Riley

Biophysical studies
of T cell

Jason Devlin

Peptide modulation of MHC properties

Undergraduate Students


Orrin S. Belden

Engineering T cell receptors to optimize anti-tumor immunity


Michael F. Cosiano

Optimization of structure guided design……………….

Past Members

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