Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame


December 2009

New paper in Immunity describing how different peptide antigens can differentially “tune” the dynamics of peptide/MHC molecules, contributing to antigen recognition and T cell cross-reactivity

November 2009

New paper in Methods in Enzymology outlining methods for quantifying the interactions between T cell receptors and their ligands 

October 2009

New paper in Biochemistry describing a method for generating and collecting high resolution NMR data to study the dynamics of antigenic peptides bound to class I MHC proteins

New paper in Biochemical Journal revealing how addition of fluorine atoms to antigenic peptides can selectively modulate T cell receptor recognition

September 2009

New grant from the National Institutes of Health to study the role of molecular flexibility in T cell signal transduction. Yippee — more work!

Time has a story describing cancer vaccines and the work of some of our collaborators at the National Cancer Institute in developing new immunological therapies for cancer

August 2009

New paper in Molecular Immunology on engineering with TCR-peptide/MHC interface. A collaborative work between our laboratory and that of David Kranz at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

April 2009

Grant renewal from the National Institutes of Health. Students and postdocs rejoice!

New grant from the Indiana Clinical Sciences and Translational Initiative. Go translational medicine!!

December 2008

Kathryn Armstrong defends PhD thesis. Congrats Kathryn!!!!

Septmber 2008

New review on the role of conformational changes and molecular flexibility in TCR recognition of peptide/MHC published in Biochemical Journal

July 2008

New review on the thermodynamics of TCR-peptide/MHC interactions published in theJournal of Molecular Recognition

June 2008

Kurt Piepenbrink receives NIH CBBI fellowship