Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame



New paper in Biophysical Journal describing the use and limitations of time resolved fluorescence in studying the dynamics of flexible loops.

New graduate students Nishant Singh and Yuan Wang join the lab. Welcome Nishant and Yuan.

The New York Times has a good story on the promise of cancer immunotherapy.


New Journal of Biological Chemistry paper. Part of our ongoing work with the T cell group at Cardiff University, this paper describes how combinatorial libraries can be used to engineer highly avid peptides for specific T cell receptors – potential impact in vaccine design.

New paper describing how structure and dynamics control recognition of antigen by the cellular immune system published in Immunological Reviews.

Cory Ayers passes his ARP exam. Congratulations Cory!


New Cutting Edge paper in the Journal of Immunology indicating that T cell signaling may involve a dynamically driven allosteric process.

Brian Gloor successfully defends PhD thesis before heading off to an assistant professor position at Spartanburg College. Congratulations to the new Dr. Gloor!


New paper in the journal Gene Therapy describing the use of single chain T cell receptor variants for redirecting the specificity of genetically engineered T cells. Part of our collaboration with the laboratory of David Kranz at the University of Illinois.

Dan Scott successfully defends PhD thesis. Congratulations to the new Dr. Scott!


New paper in the Journal of Biological Chemistry demonstrating how a single amino acid regulates activity in bacterial antibiotic resistance proteins.