Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame



New graduate student Sydney Blevins joins the lab. Welcome Sydney!!!


New paper in Journal of Medicinal Chemistry exploring the structures of peptidomimetics bound by class I MHC molecules. A collaborative work with the laboratory of Stephane Quideau, aiming to engineer bio-resistant synthetic analogs of peptide-based vaccine candidates.


New paper in Molecular Immunology describing the structural and energetic consequences of modifications to a commonly targeted tumor antigen – some implications for cancer vaccine design.


Dan Scott receives NIH CBBI fellowship supporting his research using fluorescence and computation to examine TCR loop flexibility. Congrats Dan!


Congratulations to the 2010 Baker Lab graduates: Priscilla Do (BS Biochemistry), Alex Deak (BS Biochemistry), and Francis Insaidoo (PhD Biochemistry). Godspeed amigos!

RIP Ronnie James Dio (1942 – 2010)


Francis Insaidoo successfully defended his PhD thesis, a vast tome of knowledge describing the flexibility of peptides within class I MHC peptide binding grooves. Congratulations to the new Dr. Insaidoo!


Research results summarizing our results that T cell receptor recognition can occur via a “flexible handshake” were highlighted in the February 2010 issue of Nature Medicine. No such thing as bad press!