Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry
Harper Cancer Research Institute
University of Notre Dame



New paper in Nature CommunicationsWork performed with our collaborator David Kranz at UIUC, demonstrating how TCR specificity can be redirected using a combined molecular modeling/molecular evolution approach.


New press release on our work with neo-antigens as potential cancer vaccines.

Second year graduate student Tim Riley passes his academic and research progress exam. Congratulations Tim!


New paper in the Journal of Experimental Medicine. In collaboration with our colleagues at the University of Connecticut, using bioinformatics and computational modeling of peptide/MHC complexes, we are moving towards the development of individualized cancer vaccines.

NIH R01 grant renewal! Thank you friendly reviewers.

Merck’s new immnotherapy drug approved – major advance for immunological therapy of cancer.


New website has launched!

More press for cancer immunotherapy – New York Times!


New grant to purchase a bleeding-edge fluorescence optical system for our analytical ultracentrifuge. Sample requirements just dropped 100-fold!


Cool story on ABC News about checkpoint blockade treatments in cancer immunotherapy.


New paper in the Journal of Immunology describing the use of NMR to study the role of flexibility in T cell receptor recognition of peptide/MHC. Complementary slow motions in both proteins may facilitate T cell identification of antigens at the cell surface.

Great story in the Boston Globe about the promise of cancer immunotherapy.


New paper in PLOS Computational Biology. Our first paper from our grant with our UMass collaborators on structure-based design of T cell receptors, showing how computational modeling can be used to engineer high affinity receptors useful in targeting tumor antigens.

Now the Wall Street Journal is in the business of reporting success in cancer immunotherapy. Is this a stock tip?